April 6, 2018

You may not be aware of the soulful sounds of Kent born artist Havelock but after the release of some new music and content, he is a name that any impassioned indie fan should know.

Soulful, refreshing and energetic, Havelock is an artist that despite being in the early stages of his music career, should be watched with buoyant anticipation. Having released a few singles back in 2016, he is back with a new band, a jazz and indie fused style and a bunch of live dates to prove his incredible aptitude for all things music. I spoke to him about the formation of his new band, the sounds keeping his inspiration alive and working towards the big dream - Glastonbury. 


Hey Havelock! So you're an artist I came across after seeing you play The Spice of Life in Soho back in January. Can you introduce yourself to us? 

Hi There! Thanks so much for coming along to the show! Was a good night. I am 21 years old and I grew up just an hour South out of London, in Kent. I now live in South London. I guess I started getting into music when I was around 10 years old. I was a nightmare-child at school and couldn’t really focus in class. I started having guitar lessons, fell in love with it, and that’s the only time when I really wanted to focus, I guess.

Who are your favourite artists and are there any new faces we should be listening to right now?

My favourite artists span over quite a wide variety of genres. However, if I was to narrow it down, I guess Damon Albarn, Amy Winehouse and King Krule all play a huge part in inspiring the stuff that I write. Recently I’ve been listening to Daniel Caesar, though. He has a voice like liquid gold.

You've mentioned before that you are now playing with the support of a new band. Has this changed your sound/do any of the other members have an influence on you musically? 

Forming a band recently has really opened up some interesting avenues for my sound. I have always envisaged my overall sound to be fulfilled with a band set-up. It’s great rehearsing and gigging with a band, as we can bounce ideas off each other and also have a laugh.

You've done a few acoustic sessions including live performances for BalconyTV and Ont Sofa. Do you plan to record any acoustic music?

Yeah those sessions were good fun. To be honest, I am hoping to get a ‘Sofar Sounds’ session booked in when I’m ready. I occasionally record acoustic demos and put them on a private Soundcloud link. Normaly when I record though, I like to have full arrangements to make the track sound full and powerful.

 You've spoken about your participation in a jazz based project. Can you tell us a bit about this?

Yeah sure. So recently I began to participate in a Neo-soul/jazz project. We have a tune released on YouTube called ‘Giving It Up’ if you wanna check it out! We have been doing loads of cool recording sessions so there is definitely some exciting music to look forward to. It's something I really enjoy taking part in and I’m passionate about.

What's the dream?

To play at Glastonbury. Glastonbury is my home from home.

You're booked to play London's famous Camden Assembly on 26th April. What can we expect from this ReverbNation show?

The Camden Assembly gig is very exciting. Its such a prestigious venue that I’ve never had the pleasure of playing at before. However, it’s a ReverbNation showcase event. Havelock aren’t headlining but there are some other great acts performing on the night alongside us - come down for a few drinks and a boogie!

 What are your plans for the future? Can we expect to hear any new releases?

I've been working my arse off recently with stuff behind the scenes. This includes recording new tracks, designing new logos, working with the band etc. Lots of exciting stuff is in the pipe line! So yeah, hopefully in summer there will be plenty of content for everyone to indulge in!


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