March 19, 2018

With romantic melodies and poetic lyrics, Brighton based band FUR have curated an effortlessly charming 50's style sound paired with the best catchy guitar riffs that the 60's had to offer. After recording their single 'If You Know That I'm Lonely' at London's Tileyard Studios (thanks to DIY) it is apparent that this is a band that people are excited about. Ahead of their returning gig at The Old Blue Last, I got the chance to chat to them about musical inspirations, bands we should be listening to and maybe turning up to their own gigs.


So you're a band from Brighton. Can you tell us about how you formed and came to the poetic 60's style that you have today?

Murray: I think when me and Harry started writing the music before we had even met the others it had that sort of sound because of mine and Harry's huge love of bands like The Beatles and The Kinks and Frankie Valli but also a huge part of it is modern indie, as that's what we all listened to as teenagers.

When it comes to musical influences, are you inspired by music from previous decades or music from today/both? Who inspires you the most and which new bands should we be listening to?

Murray: I personally find the most inspiration in looking back, there's so much music from the 50's and 60's, not just the stuff that we all know but hidden gems and forgotten artists that are so easy to discover now with YouTube and Spotify. There are bands that we all love right now like The Buttertones and Parquet Courts. I'd say they're two bands that if you don't know, you should know.

You recorded 'If You Know That I'm Lonely' at Tileyard Studios which was released last year. Is there any new music that you're working on which we can expect to hear any time soon?

Murray: Yeah we had a great time at Tileyard recording that single thanks to DIY, we've got new music coming very soon so keep your ears and eyes fully peeled.

You recently played to a packed Old Blue Last and you're back again for a headline show on March 23rd. Are you excited to be playing there again?

Murray: We love The Old Blue Last, we've played there quite a lot and just love the atmosphere especially at the free gigs on the weekends, it packs out and I think people are always pleasantly surprised with new music they didn't know they were going to discover that night so it's always a good feeling to play there.

Any on stage accidents/funny stories we can hear about?

Murray: A girl Flynn bumped into at a gig in Brighton was chatting away to him telling him how 'there's this new band called fur' and that she's gonna see them and asked Flynn if he's gonna go to the gig to which Flynn told her 'Yeah maybe, dunno yet' 

You've mentioned before that you're fans of the band Whitney. Would you ever consider using more instruments like they do such as brass and woodwind or are you pretty set on your sound now?

Murray: That's something I've always been interested in and I think there will definitely be work from us in the future where different instrumentation like woodwind is used but I think it's important to keep a connection between your live sound and recorded sound (especially early on) and at the moment we're only really capable of sounding like 2 guitars, bass and drums when we're on stage. In the future if we can achieve it live or are in a position to release an album and not have to perform live I think we'll fully go for it.

What are your plans for the band in the coming few months?

Murray: We've got new music coming very soon and are working towards something more substantial to give people as much music as we can right now, also just playing gigs and seeing new faces at our shows.


FUR perform at The Old Blue Last this Friday 23rd March. With special guests and DJ's until late, this is set to be a great evening. Don't miss out!